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Monday, November 01, 2004

Yay!! New Computer!

New computer...found out what happened to the old son stuck magnets in the floppy drive. Darn good excuse to get a new one if you ask me! His punishment is bath pictures of him on my blog. Hah! So here are pics of him and the finished Clapotis. I am going to run around and take pics of all the stuff I have started and let everyone know how dang busy I have been.

Had to skip my SnB tonight. Hopefully they still want to go with me to Amy Singer's book singing on Saturday. I am excited to meet other Knitty fans!

This weekend was supposed to be a big weekend of knitting, potty training and partying. Unfortunately, the power went out (right at the kickoff of the Michigan/Michigan State game I may add) and my son was sick, so really the only one of the three that I accomplished was partying, since you can still do that in the dark. I have also decided that I am too old to successfully function with a hangover.


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