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Thursday, November 04, 2004

New FO's!

I finished a doggie sweater for a friend. She loves her doggie and I love making sweaters for him. It's a felted pattern from the book Simple Chic. Super quick and easy.
Pre felting

Post felting

It needs a shave and some buttons before it is completely done.

Also, I am working on a scarf for my Mom for Christmas. She picked out a skein of KPPPM and I created a design from some lace patterns I have seen around. This one I think is called Waving Lace. Once I finish, I will post the pattern. It is turning out great.
What I have so far

Close up of pattern

I am still sad about the election. I need to find a cheap source of form fitting T shirts so I can print up stuff for them and wear them into work the next day. I saw the greatest shirt today that said "I voted and all I got was this lousy President." Love it!


I love the scarf, and the t-shirt!

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