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Monday, November 08, 2004

My SP Rules!!

Look at what I got in the mail today from my SP!

">Thank You SP!!

She knit me a super keyhole scarf out of a fun, soft yarn. I am so wearing this one to death! I also got 2 licorice candles and a littel angel pin. SHe also has the same angle pin on her knitting bag, it's a twin!

As I was putting on the scarf, I realized that this was my first ever handknit gift that I have recieved. I knit for so many people, but my knitting friends and I don't knit for each other. I got all misty about it...I hope that people I knit for have this much appreciation for the things that I give them.

Thank you again SP, you totally rock!

O, BTW - I ahven't been able to get onto the Knitty Messageboard since Saturday. It keeps saying that the server is unaccessable. I have been trying everything that I can think of because I know taht it is up, but if anyone has any ideas about what could be wrong, please let me know. If you are missing me really bad, you can email me at kmjones560(at)yahoo(dot)com.


Sometimes that happens to me, with the Knitty Board..Maybe it just doesn't like us.
Anyways, I bought you this really cute little Kangaroo keyring today, it's hand crafted, really cool! I looked for something for you to have on your desk, little ornamental things, but everything was either so fragile that theres no way I'd trust it in the mail, or WAY expensive! I hope you like this though, I'll post it tomorrow after school!
KMJ don't know about the past couple days but I do know we're trying/moving the posts today..don't think that should affect you logging in. What a great SP you have! And thanks for posting the pics, always nice to "see" who you're posting with!

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