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Thursday, November 11, 2004

I Really Am Funny!

So as I sit down to write this, I realize that I have again gone completely blank and cannot think of one damn thing to say. I go on and on all day, so when I get home at night I just turn off and knit. I kind of feel bad for my son and my husband and I try to bring the level back up, but with no avail. The weekends are good though!

So I ahve made a resolution, since they blocked Blogger at work, I will jsut email myself all the strange musings that run through my head all day and post them at night. This actually may be funnier, especially if I don't edit them....


My God?! They actually blocked Blogger? Is this all your fault, or do alot of your work mates try to post from work? My school has blocked Hotmail, and Google images (coz the horny males kept looking up porn..) They think that it will stop us...Hhahaaa..
Can't you email a post anyways? I reckon I've seen that option somehwre, or maybe that was a Typepad feature or something?
Blogger has an option that lets you email in your posts and it publishes them for you or somethinig like that. Check in the settings, it's in there somewhere.

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