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Friday, November 12, 2004

Hey Debbie - Michigan is the one that looks like a mitten!

So I got the new Stitch n' Bitch Nation today and I love it except for one tiny thing...Apparently Michigan is no longer a part of the Knitting US. They profile Snb's across the country, but left out any in Michigan (Ohio?!? Did anyone pay attention to them before the Election?) But even more tragic is that they left out Michigan completely from the yarn store index. Not event he great and almightly Threadbear made the cut. Oh sure, mention the White Stripes all up and down, but do not remember where their roots are!

So I am officially not going to Knitfest 2003 tomorrow. My car got all wonky at lunch today and I am afraid of the 2 hour drive with it. There is always next year, and if not, then I am glad that I am not going this year! Pbbt!


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