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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Christmas Presents are getting finished!

Here's teh first of the presents. If you are getting one of them, please shut your computer off now!!

A skull Cap for my uncle:

He requested a black skull cap, so I knit him the Basic CAble Hat from SnB Nation. It's tight, but he can bloack it enough for his head since he has not hair..Hehe!

A Hat for Shannie

THis is a simple one with a seed stitch brim made of Cotton Fleece. I just loved how this yarn draped and I think that I am going to knit more with it. The pattern is the Lil' Devil Hat from SnB, but without the earflaps or horns and they were not working for me.

In prograss - Liam's CHristmas Sweater

Done in Manos, I am hot and cold on it since every skein pooled differently than the other.


cool fo's. great presents. and wonderful progress on the sweater. you won't be stressed out with christmas knitting. you're ahead of the game.
I made the horns out of felt. Turned out really well. See the pictue on my blog.

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