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Saturday, November 20, 2004

Busy Busy!

Sorry about not posting sooner. It is the beginning of the Christmas Season here (before THanskgiving!) and I have been crazy busy! This week I ahve reclaimed my old Palm Pilot from ym sister and ahve started using it for my knitting. I love it! I love that I can put my patterns on there and then just carry it around, not worrying about making sure I ahve books and patterns. So far, I avhe been using HanDBase and my Memo Pad. I downloaded a trial copy of Knitable, but It is not as handy as the other two for now. Maybe later when I am getting more worried about conversion calculators.

Alsmot finished with my Uncle's Basic Cable Hat from SnB Nation. Love the pattern, but I hope it does not come out too small. I also did a PDA Monster from there. A blue bunny to keep my pda safe. I will post pictures when I sew on the teeth adn tounge. FYI - when you make one, you should sew a wee little piece of the stiffer velcro on it, otherwise the head keeps moving around.


Do you have Sweater Wizard yet? You can output your patterns from SW to your Palm... ho,ho,ho!

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