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Saturday, November 06, 2004

Amy's Knit Wit Book Signing

So today I went to Amy's Knit Wit book signing at Threadbear in Lansing, MI. I ahve never been to this yarn store before, but let me tell you that I will be going back again and again. It was absoluetly amazing! And then there was the great company.
Knitty Group

I finally got to meet everyone that I ahve been talking to for so long. And they are wonderful people!! Lippysid brought me a bag of the most wonderful recycled and not recycled yarn. SHe has such good luck in Goodwill. Miss Amy herself was just as I expected her, a pleaseure to be around. Here's the 2 of us...
Amy and Me

I went with one of the ladies in my Knitting Group, Nicole. It was great getting to spend time hanging out with you!!
Nicloe and Me

All in all, a day well spent (and some money too, but that will come later.)

I started the Incredible Top Down Ragland for my son in a light green Manos color. So far it fits, so maybe my thrid sweater attempt will be the one that finally gets worn!


Kristina, it was fun meeting you today at Threadbear. And I didn't mention it at the store, but your Clapotis is beautiful. Great pictures with Amy; mine didn't come out nearly as good.
Sharon (Knitknacks)
I really REALLY wanted to make it to Threadbear yesterday for the book signing. I haven't made the trek over to Lansing from the east side yet to check out the new store. I thought meeting Amy and getting my book signed would be my incentive to finally get there, but life got in the way. Looks like you had a fun time.
Hi! That's me in the striped sweater with hands on hips, looking to take over the world. I agree: T-Bears is very cool. Amy very cool.
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Oh, I'm so jealous -- both of the knitty meeting and what looks like a HUGEMUNGOUS yarn store(!!!!)

I wish I didn't live in the boonies.

Thanks for posting the pics!

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