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Sunday, November 14, 2004

40 Days Til Christmas!?!?!?

OMG, so much knitting, so little time!!!!! Here's my list so far (this is more for me than you). If you are on this list, please stop reading!

1. Liam's Top Down Raglan in Manos Uranium (1/2 completed)
2. MIL Felted Clogs in recycled yarn I dyed (1 completed)
3. Scull Cap for Uncle
4. Scarf for boss, boss's boss and co-worker (some of these may get put off until later)
5. Guitar strap for Zach (it will be shadow knitted to read "Fuck Off")

NOtice who is left off? My DH and DF! Not to mention my sister. Everyone else gets non-knitted items. My knitting friends (who read this!) get super secret surprises from me! Yippee! I will post FO's as they are completed so everyone can marvel at the speediness of my knitting.

Here are the first 2 finished:

Scarf for my Aunt Betty (her yearly gift from me) modeled by the always photogenic Liam:

Scarf for my Mom in KPPPM:


I love that scarf!!! That kid is so cute in it. What yarn is that?

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