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Friday, October 08, 2004

Answers to the Question and Why I'm a Nerd

So there is something wrong with this blogger thing, as the comments that I get on this site and not being sent to my email. What's cool about this is that it is a little surprise when I check to make sure that my updates are working. So I am answering the questions that have come up.

I used 3 balls of Waterspun Weekend for my Clapotis. I only did 6 instead of 7 repeats on the first diagonal, though, so it is skinnier than planned, but I did all the repeats in the middle.

Also, Amy from Knitty left me a happy comment that she was happy about my review of her book. So call me a nerd, but she is like celebrity to me. I am wowed by her Star Power. Don't get me wrong, because of the business, I have been able to meet a few celebrities in my day, but since I am not all into the acting thing, those people do not wow me as much as getting a happy note from Miss Knitty herself. And that is why I am an official nerd.


Thank you for the information on Clapotis and the waterspun. I would have posted my gratitude earlier, but alas, blogger decided I didn't exist and anonymous I have been deemed!

Thanks again!
Curlie Girl/Kim

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