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Thursday, September 16, 2004

Karma, Karma!!!

What a day. The Ryder Cup is in town and I went to a large charity event sponsored by the PGA. It was in a mall. Now I am not one that goes to charity events, but when Prince William is rumored to be there and then free tickets are given to you, you just have to go!! It was in a mall for god sake! Whatever. At least I scored big on free cosmetic samples. And alas, there was not a bit of Royalty in sight. Sigh!

But here's the beautiful thing, I got home and there was a package from Blue Sky Alpacas. I wrote them last week and let them know that I bought a pattern that was actually a copy, not an original. They had me send in the copy and they said that they would send me an original. So I expected a new pattern in the box, but along with a new pattern and very nice note saying that I bought the store's copy of the pattern (which the store lied about because there were 5 other copied patterns in the sleeve that I took it out of) there was 4 skeins of Blue Sky Bulky and some Knitters Little Helper Hand Balm. I love love love them!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you thank you!!!!


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