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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Clapotis Along!

I joined the Clapotis Along on the Knitty Message Board. I am posting my pics of what I ahve done below. I am using Classic Elite's Waterspun Weekend in Periwinkle. I am hopeing that this will be this winter's scarf for myself.

Funny, I went to Michael's today to pick up some bright pink yarn for the Hallowig on Knitty. I searched high and low, but only found a few racks of Red Heart - the rest was nicer yarns.....what happened to the cheap stuff now that I have an excuse to use it?


Hey Kristina,
welcome to the clapotis along. I'm psyched to see you're knitting the Nicki Epstein bag too, since I bought yarn for that the same day I picked up the koigu kersti for my clapotis. I added your name to the list! I'll be compiling a list of all the yarns people are using in the week ahead and post it both on the knitty board, and at my blog. Happy stitching,

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